Everything You Wanted to Know About Nantwich, Cheshire

Nantwich is a small market town in Cheshire, England with a population of around 17,500. It is one of those quintessential English towns that remain impervious to the passage of time.

It’s like nothing much ever happens in Nantwich, time moves at a slower pace here. The people are relaxed and cheerful, not stressed or in rush to go somewhere like the typical London crowd.

It has the highest concentration of listed buildings in England. As you walk through the streets of Nantwich, you will come across many historic homes and buildings from the medieval era, built according to the Tudor and Georgian architecture.

Now, Nantwich may be a medieval town, but it is a top tourist destination in this part of the country and is modern in every way. There is a distinctive buzz about the place which you cannot miss.

You will love taking a stroll through the busy streets dotted with coffee shops, pubs, bijoux boutiques, contemporary craft shops and antique dealers. The town really comes alive during the Nantwich Food Festival, International Cheese Awards and the Words & Music festival– popular events that are held here every year.

How to Get to Nantwich, Cheshire?

Nantwich is only at a short distance from Crewe. The Crewe railway station is one of the largest in England, which connects directly to all major cities across the UK. Nantwich is only 10 minutes from Crewe by train – there are like dozens of trains that go from Crewe to Nantwich every day. By car, it takes about 15 minutes.

6 Things to Do and See in Nantwich

#1: Go for a relaxing swim in Nantwich’s outdoor brine pool.

According to Cheshire Life, “Nantwich’s brine pool is one of the best outdoor swimming venues in the UK. It is one of the inland brine pools left in the country and is open from May to October every year. This is a family-friendly pool, perfectly safe for children. It is also used by athletes for training.

#2: Spoil Yourself at Nantwich Food Festival

The Nantwich Food Festival is a hugely popular event held on a weekend in September every year. Nantwich becomes a foodie’s paradise during this festival. The food festival brings together the most talented producers not only from Cheshire and the rest of the UK but also from India, Iran, USA, Mexico, Germany and Thailand. If you are a connoisseur of good food and great wine, then you cannot afford to miss out on this.

#3: Participate in the Words & Music Festival.

The Words & Music Festival is a popular event that brings together artists from across the UK, Scandinavia, Germany, France, Spain and Japan to Nantwich. It’s a must visit for those who appreciate original music, authentic poetry and literature. The festival really grew in stature in 2018 and was widely covered by the international media.

 #4: Taste the World’s Finest Cheese at the International Cheese Awards.

The International Cheese Awards is an annual local event that brings together celebrity chefs such as James Martin, Sean Wilson, Will Holland and Jonathan Harrison. You can choose from more than 5,500 different types of cheese here, there’s something for every taste.

#5: Have a family picnic at the Nantwich Lake.

The Nantwich Lake is one of the most naturally beautiful places you’ll see in England. There are trees everywhere, lots of wildlife, and plenty of ducks and geese moving about. It makes for a perfect picnic spot for the whole family. You can go for a long walk along the wide path around the lake if you like. There’s a very good cycling track around here as well.

#6: Wander through the Bridgemere Garden World.

Nantwich’s Bridgemere Garden World is the biggest garden centre in the UK. You will find more than 20 different gardens here, covering an area of 6 acres. The parks are a botanist’s delight as you will find more types and varieties of plants and flowers here than anywhere in England. There’s also a nice little indoor shopping centre here which is worth a visit.

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